LAVANID®® Wound Gel V+, Tube 40g

LAVANID®® Wound Gel V+, Tube 40g

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Product Description

LAVANID®® Wound Gel / LAVANID®® Wound Gel V+ are sterile hydrogels containing the preservative 0.04% polyhexanide. Experimental and clinical studies have shown the selected composition to be very well tolerated by the tissues. Compared to the standard LAVANID®® Wound Gel, LAVANID®® Wound Gel V+ has a higher viscosity and thus better adhesive properties.

Indications for use

LAVANID®® Wound Gels are suitable for moistening wounds and for the preservative moistening of dressings and compresses. Preservative-moistened dressings reduce the risk of bacterial spread from the wound into the patient’s surroundings and protect the wound against bacterial invasion from the outside. LAVANID®® Wound Gels are also very well suited for use in poorly healing and sensitive wounds as well as for autolytic debridement. Chronic wounds generally have impaired wound healing, so treatment with preparations that are particularly well tolerated by the tissues is indicated.  

Tissue tolerability

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the regeneration of healthy tissue is not affected. Local irritation does not occur. The application is painless for the patient. Due to the good tissue tolerability, all LAVANID®® Wound Gels are suitable for repeated and long-term wound management.


LAVANID®® Wound Gel can be applied directly onto the wound after it has been cleaned and prepared or applied to a dressing before the wound is dressed and bandaged as usual.


Ringer’s solution, glycerine, macrogol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, polyhexanide 0.04%.

Shelf life:

Use within 1 month of first opening.

Further information

  • Training and user videos

Special Features

  • Hydrogel containing 0.04% polyhexanide as preservative
  • Prevents the formation of biofilm
  • LAVANID®® WOUND GEL: Good flow properties when used in wound cavities or pockets
  • LAVANID®® WOUND GEL V +: Better adhesive properties compared to conventional wound gels


Tube 40g

Tube 100g

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