LAVANID® Wound dressing, moist 5×5 cm, 10 pcs

LAVANID® Wound dressing, moist 5×5 cm, 10 pcs

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Optimal wound care

A thorough cleansing of the wound is a basic requirement for optimal wound care and fundamental to rapid healing. The LAVANID®® dressing perfectly complements the LAVANID®® 1/2 Wound Irrigation Solutions and the LAVANID®® Wound Gels. We can therefore provide a full wound care system from cleaning to the primary covering of acute and chronic wounds.

Product description

The LAVANID®® dressing is a ready-to-use, sterile, moist dressing that absorbs exudates, while covering and moistening the wound and surrounding area. The polihexanide contained in the dressing serves exclusively as preservative for the moist dressing and protects preventatively against the growth of bacterial and fungal pathogens in the dressing material. The moist wound dressing dissolves biofilms, cleans the wound and creates an optimal milieu for the formation of granulation tissue. Wound contact meshes on both sides of the dressing prevent it from adhering to the wound, which makes dressing changes easier and more comfortable.

Indications for use

The LAVANID®® dressing is used for acute and chronic wounds, such as venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome and pressure sores (up to grade 3). The LAVANID®® dressing also supports healing in wounds at risk of infection, such as postoperative wounds and burns (up to second degree). Superficial wounds, such as split-skin graft donor sites, are a further indication for use.


After thoroughly cleaning the wound with LAVANID®® Wound Irrigation Solutions and applying LAVANID®® Wound Gel if required, the LAVANID®® dressing is applied as the primary covering. The LAVANID®® dressing can be used on both sides and can be easily cut to the required size before it is placed over the wound. The dressing distinguishes itself through the excellent vertical absorption of exudate and the fact that it can be used in all phases of wound healing. It also promotes a rapid and efficient wound debridement.

Ready-to-use, sterile, moist dressing

  • Available as peel-off packaging 5 cm x 5 cm and 10 cm x 10 cm
  • Keeps the wound moist, absorbs and binds wound exudate
  • Excellent vertical absorption of exudate
  • Wound contact meshes prevent adherence to the wound bed
  • Dissolves biofilm and creates an optimal wound milieu


5×5 cm

10×10 cm

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