PRF | Dental application for Veterinarians

Examples of Chairside access to the patients healing potential from venous blood


PRF, + 20 years in dental surgery

PRF was coined by the French Anaesthesiologist Dr. Joseph Choukroun in 2001. From early on PRF found use in dental surgery and has since been growing to a level where PRF today is widely accepted as an important biological component in dental surgery.

In Scandinavia, we have installed +120 PRF solutions in dental offices and Maxilla Facial departments.

Veterinarian use since 2016

We started supplying PRF to veterinarians in Denmark in 2016 and have seen a growing interest in using PRF as a biological component in different dental treatments. Today we are working with university departments on different elements and perspectives of PRF in veterinarian OA treatments and dentistry.   

Puremed / Puredent dental regenerative experience

We have gained experience with PRF during the last +10 years and have a deep insight into the usage and possibilities in a dental setting. We have a wide offering and understanding of biomaterials for dental surgery and perio treatments.

See examples of biomaterials and other components for dental surgery below.

See examples of dental use below 

  • Perio treatment with PRF
  • Mandibular reconstruction

PRF | The process & application

PRF | Compression


The RBC are removed from the clot and the plasma clot is placed in the PRF box. A double lit is placed on top and in few minutes the exudate is removed from the clot and a each clot is turned into a fibrin membrane.

PRF | membrane

Each PRF tube will produce one PRF clot shortly after spinning using the PRF protocol.

PRF Liquid | large membranes and sticky bone option

By combining the PRF tubes and the Liquid protocol, the PRF can be used in a liquid state where clotting is postponed for a few minutes. This allows for creating PRF membranes of various sizes and encapsulating materials like bone materials.

PRF application | membranes cut into pieces


PRF membranes are cut into small pieces ready to be mixed with biomaterials.


PRF application | membranes mixed with biomaterials


PRF membranes cut into small pieces mixed with biomaterials and exudate enhance bone formation.


PRF application | membranes applied to bone graft


PRF membranes are placed onto the bone graft. Notice to thickness.


VET | Example of Perio & PRF

PRF application | Perio defect

Loss of bone


PRF application | Perio defect

Loss of bone


PRF application | phlebotomy

Blood drawing with butterfly for easy access and handling


PRF application | Clots in vials after centrifugation

Separation of the RBC and the platelet rich fibrin and serum


PRF application | Fibrin membranes in box

Shortly after centrifugation the clots are transferred to the PRF box for compression


PRF application | Defect cleaned

After surgerical cleaning the site is ready for grafting


PRF application | Sticky bone

Mix of PRF membrane and graft material creates a sticky bone matrix


PRF application | Graft placement

The sticky bone placed onto the recipient site


PRF application | Membranes prepared

Note the texture of the membranes


PRF application | Membranes placed

The PRF membranes cover the graft materials and are ready for suturing


VET | Mandibular reconstruction

Mandibular reconstruction following e.g. tumor resection can be enhanced by combining Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and advanced bone substituts that slowly remodels into newly formed bone.

The PRF provides a wide range of regenerative cells and growth factors into the site which slowly secretes cytokines and growth factors over the course of 6-10 days supporting the formation of new vascularisation and proliferation.

Get the fact sheet about mandibulectomy here

SmartBone is an innovative bone substitute specifically developed for bone regeneration in reconstructive surgeries: oral, maxillofacial, craniofacial, orthopaedics and traumatology. SmartBone is produced by combining natural mineral bone structures with bioactive polymers and cell nutrients.

The composition results in a very rigid and yet super hydrofilic material, which in the shape of bone blocks give surgeons a strong, predictable resorbable material.

Dental | Selection of our biomaterials and suture products used
by veterinarians and dentists

Dental products | Bone substitute

Bovine blocks. Wide range of shapes and sizes.


Dental products | Bone substitute

Bovine graft- Available in 0,5-1,0 mm granulates and 1-2 mm.

Content 0,5cc, 1,0cc, 2,0 cc, 5,0 cc


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