Human medicine

Our mission is to help our customers develop their businesses using regenerative medicine and a bio-logic approach to improve tissue regeneration, stimulate healing processes, and manage inflammation-related pain. We have the honor of working with dedicated customers across different medical specialties doing more for their patients using a regenerative medicine approach and bio-logic thinking.

Today, our work in human medicine rests on two pillars. Sports medicine and orthopedics utilize the healing capacity of, e.g., Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) or Adipose Derived Stem Cells (myStem®) to change patients’ lives with, e.g., arthrosis indications. We also provide bone graft materials for tissue reconstruction after trauma or cancer surgery. Among these is Smartbone®, a novel material 3D processed into anatomically shaps to optimize placement and adaptation.

Brief introduction to our main focus areas


Sports Medicine

Pain in joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles often arises from inflammation affecting the somatosensory nervous system. As autologous biological agents PRF and SVF stimulate an acute response leading to accelerated healing by adding quite an intensive and prolonged response that can reverse the inflammatory pathways and remove the pain. Get an introduction here.

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ADSC's myStem®

The myStem® ADSC processing setup allows physicians to harvest, process, and inject high levels of SVF cells for regenerative purposes, in sports medicine indications, facial aesthetics, or wound healing.

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Wound healing

With almost ten years of experience working with Platelet Rich Fibrin(PRF), we today have PRF present in wound healing from dentistry to orthopedics. Being a contrate of the healing cascade cells from the patient, PRF plays an essential role in stimulating a wound to form neovascularization and proliferation by adding more healing capacity to the trauma area and thus speeding up the biological processes.

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Smartbone® is a hybrid biomaterial offering high strength, durability, and integration capabilities. Smartbone® is available in precut blocks and granulates for orthopedic procedures in trauma and elective surgery. Furthermore, Smartbone® surgeons have the option to use CADCAM “on-demand” solution where Smartbone® is milled into anatomical shapes to precisely fit a defect – quite impressive – used in spine, foot, and cranial surgery.

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We represent DIZG GmbH – Berlin-based tissue bank with over 25 years of processing allografts for hospitals in and outside of Germany. DIZG is a part of MTF. We offer various graft options, either in bone or skin grafts.

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Facial Aesthetics

Our approach to Facial Aesthetics rests on utilizing the body’s regenerative potential to reduce aging processes at the cellular level by involving patient growth factors and stem cells in biological anti-aging treatment. We combine our knowledge of regenerative medicine from various medical specialties with the latest technology to support anti-aging therapy with biologically regenerative solutions – clean, simple, and completely free of additives.

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Veinlite’s patented products reveal veins and surrounding venous structure while simultaneously acting like a tourniquet and preventing veins from rolling during venipuncture. One-stick vein access has never been easier!

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Sutures and textile implants

We offer a wide range of sutures and textile implants from German Serag-Wiessner, who, for more than 150 years, has driven the development and performance of sutures across all medical fields. From heart surgery to eye-surgery sutures to all in between.

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