Innovative Ultrasonic Surgery by Söring

Innovative ultrasonic surgery by Söring

Bringing State-of-the-Art Technology into
the Scandinavian Veterinarian Market


It is our pleasure to introduce the expertise and product portfolio of Söring to the Scandinavian Veterinary medicine market.



Söring GmbH has been manufacturing high-end products for ultrasonic surgery for over 35 years for the human medicine segment and is widely used in hospitals all over Scandinavia.


Since 2019 Söring GmbH has taken a step into the veterinarian field, enabling Equine veterinarians to use ultrasonic technology to improve wound debridement and orthopedic surgery.

Small Animal

The Söring technology has also provided Small Animal veterinarians with new tools for soft tissue surgery using the ultrasonic organ portfolio in cancer and organ indications, on top of the wound debridement, bone, and spine surgery – using the full portfolio of Söring.



Join us in exploring Ultrasonic Technology in the Veterinary Medical field below!

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Wound Debridement

Ultrasonic-assisted wound debridement using the cavitation effect removes non-vital tissue, saves vital structures like vessels, and allows working blind.

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Bone Surgery

Söring UltraSonic-assisted Bone Instrument – can be fitted with different sonotrodes to remove bone tissue gently and effectively without damaging vital soft tissue.

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Tumor & Organ Surgery

Ultrasonic technology for gentle, precise transection with minimal bleeding. This process protects solid connective tissue structures of vessels and bile ducts.



Ultrasonic technology that enables advanced surgical techniques for next-level veterinary neurosurgery.

Ultrasonic Surgery – product overview

The Ultrasonic setup requires the components below.


Generator unit
Cart & foot switch
Instrument with Sonotrode

Söring Ultrasonic Instruments

Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (UAW)

Easy handling for veterinarians and veterinarian nurses

With their different sonotrode shapes, the UAW instruments from Söring are specially adapted to the needs of Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement. Veterinary doctors and specialized veterinary nursing staff can use them in or outside disinfectable treatment rooms, making them a versatile option for the Equine clinic environment. Due to their reprocessability and longevity, UAW instruments meet the requirements for a resource-saving treatment option.

The working frequency of 25 kHz makes UAW instruments attractive in various indications. In addition, their ergonomic design enables precise and fatigue-free work throughout the treatment period.


Ultrasonic-Assisted Bone Instrument

Precise on bone, gentle on critical structures

The ultrasonic-assisted bone instrument from Söring was explicitly developed for the resection of bone and offers numerous advantages in spinal and bone surgery, e. g. for decompression procedures. The non-rotating technology allows an exact, delicate, and cooled approach so the surgeon can work closely with critical spinal neurovascular structures such as the dura mater, blood vessels in splint bone, or bone flap surgery. Additional pressure is avoided, which is essential when working in tight spaces. Due to the longitudinal movement of the sonotrode tip, there is also no risk of “grabbing.”

Another great advantage compared to other instruments is that bone can be removed in individual pieces, as it is not ground. Thus, the removed material can be used further for fusion operations. Thereby artificial bone material or bone graft harvesting can be avoided.


HEPACCS instruments for soft tissue tumor surgery

Open and minimally invasive liver and soft tissue tumor surgery

In liver resections and soft tissue tumor surgery, surgeons face the challenge of removing tumors while protecting vessels and bile ducts. The HEPACCS instruments from Söring use both the cavitation and the mechanical effect of ultrasonic technology to reliably fragment, for example, liver parenchyma at 25 kHz. Solid tissue structures of vessels and bile ducts remain largely unscathed. Depending on the tumor’s size, number, and location, resection can be performed in open or laparoscopic surgery.


LEVICS instruments for neurosurgery

Söring focuses on the continuous development of medical devices. Through intensive global collaborations with leading neurosurgeons, we enable optimized work efficiency while improving patient safety. Specializing in microscopic and endoscopic neurosurgery, we offer a unique and comprehensive product portfolio in ultrasonic tumour aspiration. These leading innovations provide the reliable support neurosurgeons require in the operation room.

LEVICS ultrasonic aspirator: excellent instrument design for precise working

The resection of intracranial and spinal tumours requires an accurate proceeding to preserve the surrounding structures as much as possible. The neurosurgical LEVICS Micro instrument from Söring has been specially developed for this challenge and is therefore characterized by its excellent design. Its working frequency of 35 kHz fragments tumours of different consistencies precisely and effectively.


Söring ultrasonic generators

Simple, intuitive, and for a wide range of medical applications


The SONOCA ultrasonic generators are indispensable for using Söring instruments. Their operation is straightforward: They recognize the ultrasonic instruments, perform an instrument check, and automatically set the appropriate operating parameters and the correct operating frequency of 25 or 35 kHz. In addition, they also undergo an automatic self-test during commissioning so that the user always works with a safe feeling and the surgical team can fully concentrate on the patient.

After a short set-up, the user can start immediately. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the working parameters can be easily adjusted at any time during the procedure so that the user can react quickly to changed circumstances.

Söring’s ultrasonic generators are used in medical applications ranging from liver and soft tissue tumor surgery, neurosurgery, and spine and bone surgery to Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (UAW).


Specialist for wound debridement and bone surgery

The SONOCA 185-FL is Söring’s most compact ultrasonic generator and is ideally suited for ultrasound-assisted wound debridement (UAW) and bone dissection.


Sonoca 185-FL: Perfect match for
the following ultrasonic instruments:


Wound Debridement

Bone surgery




Specialist for wound debridement, bone surgery, and tumor surgery

Whether for liver, tumor, neuro, spinal surgery, wound debridement, or cutting and coagulation – the SONOCA 300-FL is the efficient specialist for all of Söring’s ultrasonic applications.


Sonoca 300-FL: Perfect match for
the following ultrasonic instruments:


Wound Debridement

Bone Surgery

LEVICS Neurosurgery

HEPACCS instruments for liver and tumour surgery

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Wound Debridement

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Bone Surgery

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Soft Tissue Surgery