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Our mission is to help our customers develop their businesses using regenerative medicine and a bio-logic approach to improve tissue regeneration, stimulate healing processes, and manage inflammation-related pain. We have the honor of working with dedicated customers across different medical specialties, doing more for their patients using a regenerative medicine approach and bio-logic thinking.

Human medicine
Today, our work in human medicine rests on two pillars. Sports medicine and orthopaedics utilize the healing capacity of, e.g., Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) or Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (myStem®) to change patients’ lives with, e.g., arthrosis indications. We also provide bone graft materials for tissue reconstruction after trauma or cancer surgery. Among these is Smartbone®, a novel material 3D processed into anatomically shaps to optimize placement and adaptation.

Facial Aesthetics
We use PRF and Bio-Heat technology in Facial Aesthetics to sculpt and rejuvenate skin and scalp (hair) in cosmetic treatments and drive an agenda of more natural therapies. We offer products such as Veinlite® for easier venipuncture and microneedles for injections of PRF and Biofiller.

Veterinarian medicine
We work extensively with Equine veterinarians in sports medicine using PRF, e.g., lameness treatments across joints and tendons. Recently, we started introducing Söring Ultrasonic technology for wound debridement to help promote healing and be a precursor for PRF wound healing.

We help Small animal veterinarians with knowledge and equipment for dental treatments based on our work in human dentistry and use PRF for wound healing and cornea defects in ophthalmology.

Dental Implantology
Third but not least, we are heavily engaged in dental implantology, offering knowledge and solutions for tissue regeneration, biomaterials, and surgical procedures via our sister company, Puredent.

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Human medicine


Facial Aesthetics using patients' cells

Our approach to Facial Aesthetics rests on utilizing the body’s regenerative potential to reduce ageing processes at the cellular level by involving patient growth factors and stem cells in biological anti-ageing treatment. We combine our knowledge of regenerative medicine from various medical specialities with the latest technology to support anti-ageing therapy with biologically regenerative solutions – clean, simple, and completely additives-free.

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Learn Facial Aesthetics attending one of our courses

Participate in one of our facial aesthetics courses, learn how to use PRF for regenerative aesthetics, and get a full introduction to the science and technology by leading researcher Dr. Richard Miron.

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Wound Healing

Picture: Treatment of diabetic foot ulcer using PRF membranes. Note how the PRF membranes are placed on the wound bed. After 7 days without any bandage change, the wound has started to heal quite well, and PRF is again added – note how few are used this time. The last picture shows the wound after healing which took around 30 days but with significant and crucial changes in the initial phase, where the wound went from a chronic state to an acute condition.


With almost ten years of experience working with Platelet Rich Fibrin(PRF), we today have PRF present in wound healing from dentistry to orthopedics. Being a contrate of the healing cascade cells from the patient, PRF plays an important role in stimulating a wound to form neovascularization and proliferation by adding more healing capacity to the trauma area and thus speeding up the biological processes.

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Sports Medicine

Picture: Procedure steps for the ADSC setup “myStem.” Adipose tissue is harvested from the patient and this Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is then separated via the myStem® bag into a liquid and solid fraction. The Liquid fraction is then concentrated via a filter in a 1:10 ratio. The Solid fraction is processed into nanofat. Both fractions are mixed and are ready to use in joints, in facial aesthetics, or on a wound bed.



Pain in joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles often arises from inflammation affecting the somatosensory nervous system. As autologous biological agents PRF and SVF stimulate an acute response leading to accelerated healing by adding quite an intensive and prolonged response that can reverse the inflammatory pathways and remove the pain. Get an introduction here.

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Advanced biomaterials

Smartbone® on-demand custom grafts for advanced cases. The Smartbone® material is available in blocks and granulates.

We offer an extensive portfolio of biomaterials ranging from allografts, bone, and skin grafts from DIZG GmbH, the largest tissue bank in Germany, to a whole range of Smartbone® a hybrid biomaterial offering advanced 3D customized grafts for orthopedic and spine surgery, as well as preshaped blocks and granulates.

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Equine Sports Medicine


Equine sports medicine injection of Puremed PRF into different joints

Orthopedic injuries are one of the top problems when managing sports horses. The most frequent equine sports-related issues are tendon or ligament injuries, synovitis, and joint arthritis or arthrosis. We introduced Platelet Rich Fibrin in Equine Sports medicine in 2017, and today, it is being used extensively in Scandinavia.

One advantage of Equine PRF is the easy and quick processing of the final product, making it broadly available to even smaller clinics. It is also safe since it´s autologous and without additives. The content of leucocytes adds to the product’s safety, which is of the greatest importance since iatrogenic infections after joint injections can be life-threatening in horses.

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Ultrasonic-assisted wound debridement

Picture: Ultrasonic-assisted wound debridement uses the cavitation effect to remove non-vital tissue and saves vital structures like vessels. The cavitation effectively removes the biofilm and creates a clean wound bed. The safety also enables the operator to make safe debridement of deep wounds where visibility is limited, thus making a complete and effective debridement.

It is our pleasure to introduce the expertise and product portfolio of Söring to the Scandinavian Veterinary medicine market, enabling veterinarians to use ultrasonic technology to improve wound debridement and orthopedic surgery. Ultrasonic-assisted wound debridement uses the cavitation effect to remove non-vital tissue and saves vital structures like vessels. The cavitation effectively removes the biofilm and creates a clean wound bed. The safety also enables the operator to make safe debridement of deep wounds where visibility is limited, thus making a complete and adequate debridement.

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Small animals


Vet Dentistry

In the last 10-15 years, dental treatments have grown significantly as the population of small dogs with genetically compromised teeth has increased with a willingness to pay for dental treatment.

The main treatments are periodontal diseases, where tooth removal and post-tissue regeneration are often performed. We are today providing Magnetic Mallet technology to make tooth extractions easier and reduce the ergonomic stress on wrists and hands, a well-known problem. Also, PRF is used for post-tissue regeneration.

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Ultrasonic Orthopedics and Tumor Surgery

The Soering Ultrasonic technology offers a wide range of possibilities for small animal veterinarians doing surgery in both orthopedic and tumor surgery, as well as treatments of wounds. The Söring has a +30-year track record in human medicine, and the portfolio offers high reprocessability and longevity and meets the requirements for a resource-saving treatment option.

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