Pure Injectable Stem Cells


myStem® |  Autologous Stromal Tissue Graft Preparation

Accelerate healing with vast amounts of mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors prepared with the myStem® kit in an easy-to-use chairside setup with a working time of 60-65 minutes.

Quick and Easy-to-Use Kit

myStem® is a single-use medical device able to efficiently and reproducibly separate a regenerative fraction which natively contains progenitor- and stem cells from stromal tissue surrounding soft tissue structures. Within 30 – 45 minutes a surgeon can remove, concentrate and re-administer the stem cells to improve the healing process and outcome. The disposable kit works by performing a single-step intra-OR autologous tissue minimal manipulation using a GMP- in-a-box concept.

Chair-Side Access to Regenerative Cells

The stem cells in fat share the medical-worthy spotlight with a few other cell types. Along with the fat-filled adipocytes that store energy, fat tissue has its own blood supply and supporting connective tissue, called the stroma. The stroma contains, besides the multipotent stem cells, also blood cells, immune cells, endothelial cells that line the inner surface of blood vessels, and pericytes, which forms the outer surface. These other fat-derived cells are proving to have therapeutic value as well.

Broad Medical Potential

The multipotent stem cells found in fat could prove to be the ultimate body repair kit, providing replacement tissue or inspiring repair of body parts that can’t mend themselves. When tissue such as muscle, tendon, ligament or cartilage is injured the body attempts to heal the injury through its own repair mechanisms. However, in certain situations (especially in areas where there is a lack of blood flow – such as inside and around joints) the body is unable to heal the injury adequately or even at all. This may lead to ongoing pain, weakness, disability, or swelling, catching or locking of a joint. In the world of regenerative medicine, we attempt to augment the natural healing process to heal or even “grow back” the damaged tissue.


Minimal manipulation of cells

All myStem® solutions are developed according to a belief of minimal manipulation of cells. The myStem® X2 kit supplies all disposable material for gentle manual liposuction. There is no need for a centrifuge or enzymes to fractionize the aspirate, as the advanced filtering technology takes care of appropriate separation in a matter of seconds. The lipoaspirate is initially fractionalized in the myStem® bag, into a liquid and a solid fraction at ratio approx. 60/40 respectively. The myStem® bag contains up to a total of 100 cc aspirate, however, if more is needed, the bag can be refilled upon extraction.

The harvested volume will depend on the specific treatment at hand, but a rule-of-thumb is to harvest 8 times the volume needed for injection. We always recommend a minimum of 25 cc harvested lipoaspirate for any type of treatment.

Stromal Vascular Fraction

The Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is an integral and heterogeneous population of cells found in adipose tissue.

The SVF can be obtained from liposuction of excess adipose tissue and consists of many types of regenerative cells, incl. the adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs). The SVF originates from the blood vessels of the tissue, causing a large part of the population, to be cells involved in angiogenesis and inflammatory responses.

Post fractioning procedures

Post fractioning procedures include purification and concentration of the liquid fraction. The non-enzymatic purification and removal of red blood cells are achieved by microfluidics- and filtering technology, and is key to the high yield and high concentration of SVF in a myStem® injectable stem cell treatment.

In many cases, it can be beneficial to mix the concentrated liquid fraction with either i-PRF (see literature) or nanofat, in a ratio of minimum 1:3 respectively.

The injected volume will depend on the specific treatment at hand, but we always recommend to use all of the concentrated liquid fraction for any treatment, dodging with nanofat or PRF if found necessary or beneficial.


myStem®The process & application

Adipose tissue contains up to 2.5 M multipotent adult stem cells per ml, classified as Adipose-tissue Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs), with similar properties and CD markers as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).

It is a source of stem cells easy to harvest, in great volume and with little to no consideration of donor site morbidity and stem cell loss. Furthermore, adipose tissue is so far the tissue known to have the highest density of MSCs.

ADSCs promote regeneration through replenishment of the pool of tissue progenitor cells, and direction of the inflammatory and regenerative process of healing, through the release of anti-inflammatory and proangiogenic cytokines.

ADSCs can furthermore differentiate into cell type-specific lineages, such as adipocytes, osteocytes, chondrocytes, menisckocytes, myocytes, and neurons.


myStem® – adipose stemcell preparation solution making stemcell based regenerative treatments easy and widely available