PRF in Orthopedic Surgery

Puremed | Orthopedic Surgery

Wound and bone healing perspectives stimulating healing and empowering bone grafts

Our solutions for Orthopaedic surgery combine our knowledge and portfolio within the Smart Blood Concentrates and Hyaluronic Acid to create faster and more secure healing results with less pain.

By combining Solid PRF and Liquid PRF we enable Orthopaedic Surgeons to work smarter with bone grafts and access the wide portfolio from the DIZG tissue bank in Berlin.

PRF injected into the knee joint show very promising results in pain reduction and in stimulating the rebuild of cartilage.


A portfolio

perfectly suited for 

Orthopedic Surgeons




Orthopedic | Component in the portfolio

Brief introduction to components in our Orthopedic portfolio

Puremed | Smart Blood Concentrates


Solid PRF membranes

The fibrin membrane solution offer Orthopedics a wide range of capabilities of adding the patients healing potential into the surgical window and enhancing healing success – all biologically and safe.

Puremed | Smart Blood Concentrates


Liquid PRF – Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin

The injectable PRF solution offer Orthopedics a wide range of capabilities from being a potent fibrin glue to a clotting component in bone grafting to pain management and stimulation of cartilage rebuild – all biologically and safe.

Puremed | Hyaluronic Acid products


Bio-Science Crespine Gel+

Using the power of cross-linked hyaluronic acid products from German Bio-Science, we address areas like viscosupplementation with hyaluronic acid for the management of osteoarthritis, using single-injection with slow resorption and thus long-time functional enhancement and pain relief.

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Puremed | DIZG Allografts bone


More than 20 years experience supplying Bone allografts to surgeons 

We work with an ALLOGRAFT portfolio of more than 250 shapes and sizes from the largest tissue bank establishment in Germany, counting bone blocks of many sizes, granulates, and chips.

Allografts for spine surgery

Puremed | DIZG Allograft Tendons


More than 20 years of experience supplying Allografts to surgeons 

We work with an ALLOGRAFT portfolio of different types of tendons and levels of the process. Al tendons are frozen and come from Germany’s largest tissue bank establishment.

Orthopedic | Guided bone regeneration

When adding the patients own healing capacity to the bone regeneration process, Orthopedic surgeons not only enhance the prospect of faster and more predictable healing, they also get a whole new set of tools for handling bone substituts.

Osteomylitis | Guided bone regeneration

Case step by step

PRF | Infectious Osteomylitis


Wound – Infectious Osteomylitis before treatment starts

PRF | wound bed preparation


Wound bed preparation several times using PRF membranes

PRF | Sticky bone


PRF membranes cut into small pieces and mixed with biomaterials and exudate. injectable PRF is then injected onto the bone material and the clotting effect from the PRF encapsulates everything.


PRF | create solid bone graft


PRF membranes cut into small pieces and mixed with biomaterials and exudate enhance the bone formation process.

PRF | graft placed into the site


The graft is slided into the wound area – see the video above

A-PRF™ | protect the graft


A collagen membrane is placed on the outer surface of the bone graft

A-PRF™ | A-PRF™ membranes 


A-PRF™ membranes are placed outside the collagen membran to ensure faster soft tissue healing and protection of the graft from infection

PRF | Healing result +15 days 


Site after 15 days from grafting procedure

Orthopaedic | Wound management

Besides the Wound Management cases shown below – visit our Wound healing part to see more..

Bone graft prepared chairside and placed into the wound