Veinlite® LEDX® for Sclerotherapy

Veinlite® LEDX® for Sclerotherapy

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Veinlite LEDX Vein Finder is a varicose vein mapping and access device used in sclerotherapy. The Gold Standard, used by all major vein treatment centers around the world. Featuring a wider opening, a larger viewing area and 32 LEDs, the LEDX model has a deeper focus and is the ideal model for use on obese patients. With 24 orange and 8 red LEDs, this rechargeable unit also provides the highest contrast imaging for sclerotherapy treatments. Veinlite LEDX is the leading vein access device in the field of sclerotherapy. LEDX was designed with the largest vein imaging area, allowing for fast and efficient treatment sessions. Portable vein finder features one-handed operation for ease of use – Color switching allows provider to see and treat superficial and deeper varicose vein structures. Veinlite LEDX is held against the skin and shows vein structures through transillumination. As varicose veins are identified, the C-shaped opening enables direct access for sclerosant injection. Meets INS & CDC Guidelines for Infection Control – Uses affordable disposable plastic covers to prevent patient-to-provider, and patient-to-patient contamination. LEDX created Veinlite Sclerotherapy

LEDX – Key Features

We created Veinlite® Sclerotherapy.

  • Increased area of illumination and treatment
  • Widest opening for sclerotherapy treatment
  • Optimal viewing of varicose and spider veins
  • Free 5-Year Extended Warranty.

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