RE0010 MJK Surgy Soft Complete kit

RE0010 MJK Surgy Soft Complete kit

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Sculptable surgical retractors ‘Surgy soft ’ Complete kit with all retractors and key

‘Surgy’Soft ’ is the only series of fully customizable oral surgery retractors, with specifically studied shapes and angulations fit all interventions and situations in Bucco-maxillary, periodontal, and implant surgeries.

Adaptation by body modeling (using the key) for each instrument provides endless possibilities for accessing the entire oral cavity.

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Retractor 1: Specifically designed for interventions in anterior vestibular areas.

Retractor 2 & 3: More suitable for canine and premolar areas, in vestibular and lingual (for palatal).

Retractor 4 & 5: Most specifically destinated to molar areas, in vestibular, lingual, or palatal, but also in the anterior, lingual (or palatal).


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