Needle Pen K, Cartridge, 16 needles, 10 pcs

Needle Pen K, Cartridge, 16 needles, 10 pcs

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Needle Pen-K – needle cartridges (former Dermafix)

The Genosys automated pen device, the "Needle Pen-K" (former Dermafix), also stimulates collagen fibre growth by creating superficial skin breaks. A topical anaesthetic is unnecessary; therefore, treatment time and cost are reduced.

How micro-needling products work

Micro-needling results in the natural response to skin wounding, even though the wound is minute and mainly subcutaneous. A single needle prick would cause an invisible response. However, when thousands or tens of thousands of fine pricks are placed together, one gets a “field effect.” This, therefore, promotes the regular post-traumatic release of growth factors and infiltration of fibroblasts. This automatic reaction produces a surge of activity that inevitably leads to fibroblasts being instructed to produce more collagen and elastin.

Box 10 pcs
Head of 16 needles

The number of needles is 16, thus making more microchannels when compared to other auto-needling devices whose needle cartridges have 12 needles in general.

The thickness of the needle is 0.2mm, which minimizes the pricking sensation when puncturing the skin. The needle shape is needle-hexagon: The cross-section of each needle is configured to form a polygonal cross-section of at least six sides instead of a circular cross-section, so that when pricking the skin with the needles, the contact surface of each needle relative to the skin can be reduced, thus minimizing the pain.

Sterilized needles: Hygiene, safety.

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