GENOLED IR – professional infrared LED light therapy device

GENOLED IR – professional infrared LED light therapy device

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LED light therapy is a light-based skin care treatment. It uses different wavelengths of UV-free LED lights to treat various skin conditions. The light encourages the production of chemicals within the skin, promoting the production of collagen and elastin. The treatment was developed because our skin absorbs light and uses it as an energy source to stimulate a healing response. In fact, specific colour wavelengths penetrate the skin at varying depths, helping restore cellular imbalance.

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GENO LED IR is a low-level device that resolves complicated skin problems by irradiating lights with various wavelengths from 423nm to 830nm. Special infrared is used to improve muscle pain & aches.

Increased blood flow is also shown to help reduce inflammation, and this action also supports natural cellular regeneration. This extra support speeds up the body’s natural healing processes and has been shown to help promote wound or injury or healing.

The GENO LED IR light has a longer wavelength and is best suited to reach deep inside the body’s muscles. Infrared can penetrate more deeply to reach muscle tissue and nerves.

  • Dome-shaped, eliminating cross-contamination & burning
  • Small and compact & collapsible – easy to move, less than 1kg in weight
  • User-friendly
  • High efficiency by ensuring the proper irradiation distance
  • Time of use can be adjusted during the treatment with optional fan
  • Hygienic – During treatment, there is no direct contact with the skin
  • Voice activator installed

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