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myStem® | Injectable & Autologous Adipose Derived Stem Cells

Chairside access to vast amounts of autologous mesenchymal stem cells

myStem® | case video of the process from harvest to injectable stem cells

Case video material from the process of harvesting, purification and concentration of stem cells, as well as the production of nano-fat. In these cases, the stem cells are used for OA treatment by knee injection, treatment of facet syndrome by injection directly into facet joints, and facial aesthetics by subcutaneous injections in face and scalp.

myStem® | presentation of the myStem® X2 kit

Short animated presentation of the myStem® X2 kit and the process of harvesting stem cells from fat tissue.

myStem® | intro to the process

Short animated introduction to the use of myStem® X2 for harvest, purification and concentration of regenerative stromal vascular fraction cells and adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells from fat tissue.