Tissue Regeneration Day

Tissue Regeneration Day

A course on wound healing, introducing Söring Ultrasonic-assisted wound debridement and bone surgery solution for Veterinarians. And introducing Platelet Rich Fibrin for wound healing and tissue regeneration in different forms.

Theory and hands-on

3-hour course with theory and practice.

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Course no: PMV-TRD-25032023
Participants#: NA
Qualifications: Veterinarians
Keywords: Wound debridement, platelet-rich fibrin, PRF

Date: 25.03.2023
Time: 09:00-13:00
Place: Roskilde, Denmark
Address: Puremed, Langebjerg 1, SunPark, 4000 Roskilde
Education points:
Price: 0 DKK /
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Phlebotomy training - Doctor-certified course

Phlebotomy training:
Doctor-certified course with theory and practice.

The course will give you insight into the anatomy of the vein system in the arm and different ways to ease phlebotomy and plan the procedure. You will get the tips and tricks needed to be a professional at doing Phlebotomy. All participants are performing phlebotomy using each other as patients under the supervision of our doctor.

3-hour evening course with theory and practice.

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Lecturer: Doctor Steffen Ernesto Kristensen

Course no: BIO-BtB-00002023
Participants#: 6-10
Qualifications: Dentists, assistants
Keywords: Phlebotomy, blodudtagning, PRF

Date: 00.00.2023
Time: 18:00-21:00
Place: Roskilde, Denmark
Address: Puredent, Langebjerg 1, SunPark, 4000 Roskilde
Education points:
Price: 3.650 DKK / pr 2 participants
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Advanced PRF Education | Online

Advanced PRF Education – online

Advanced PRF Education is an online platform created to meet the significant demand for doctors, dentists, and related staff to learn the advantages of Platelet Rich Fibrin in regenerative dentistry, medicine, and facial esthetics!

Course outline:

Key concept 1: Biology of Wound Healing
Key concept 2: Understanding Platelet Concentrates
Key concept 3: Unboxing and Programming a PRF system
Key concept 4: Basics of Phlebotomy

Key concept 5: Clinical Indications of PRF
Key concept 6: Use of PRF in Facial Esthetics
Key concept 7: Understanding PRF Tubes
Key concept 8: Harvesting C-PRF and Alb-PRF


Lecturer: Dr. Rick Miron

Course no: PRF-EDU
Participants#: unlimited
Qualifications: Dentists
Keywords: Bio-PRF, GTR

Date: online
Time: 8 modules of 20-40 minutes each
Place: online
Education points:  6 CE
Price: 595 USD
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PRF in Facial Aesthetics | Webinar

Recorded webinar: PRF in Facial Aesthetics

Lecturer: Catherine Davies, MD, MBBCh, MBA

Duration: 39 minutes

Bio-PRF & Bio-Heat | Webinar

Recorded webinar: Updates in Platelet Rich Fibrin:

Lecturer: Richard MIRON, DDS, MSc, Ph.D., Dr. med. dent.

Duration: 120 minutes