SERAMESH® mesh implants were developed for the surgical repair of hernias. SERAMESH® mesh implants provide long-term reinforcement or bridging of damaged body structures.


  • large pore structure
  • can be cut to size yet maintains its shape
  • only 1/3 of the foreign material remains after absorption
  • orientation stripes
  • available in various sizes

General information

The partially absorbable SERAMESH® PA combines optimal handling for the surgeon with proven tissue tolerability. The monofilament polyglycolic acid-caprolactone component is absorbed, leaving a soft polypropylene implant. It can be individually cut to the required size – without fraying the cut edges. The textile structure prevents any further tearing at the incisions. Before its partial absorption, SERAMESH® PA is characterized by excellent handling when the implant is inserted, especially during minimally invasive procedures. In contrast to other partially absorbable products, the basic structure of SERAMESH® PA is completely maintained after absorption.



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Product data for SERAMESH® PA

polypropylene/polyglycolic acid-caprolactone
undyed, monofilament, partially absorbable
Weight before absorption approx. 90 g/m2 / after absorption approx. 30 g/m2
The PGACL component is absorbed within approx. 90 – 120 days.
11 × 6 cm
12 × 10 cm
15 × 5 cm
15 × 10 cm
15 × 15 cm
30 × 15 cm
30 × 30 cm
13 × 8 cm
13,5 × 6 cm
Pore size
~ 2 × 3 mm

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