PRF Lectures Copenhagen

PRF Course September 8th – 9th 2017

Subject: Platelet Rich Fibrin lectures

Type: Full day and half day course

Participants: Dentists, Oral Surgeons and Veterinarians

Venue:  Comwell Congress Center, Copenhagen (Bellacenter)

Date: Friday september 8th 2017

Date: Saturday september 9th 2017

Day lecture: 09:00 – 16:00

Half Day lecture: 09:00 – 12:00

Scientific Meeting: 18:00 – 19:30

Education Point: 5,5 point

Program Vet Regenerative Oral Surgery 8/9: get pdf
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Program Future Perspectives in Regenerative Medicin 9/9: get pdf
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Program Pure Facial Aesthetics 9/9: get pdf
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8/9 Day lecture

9:00 – 16:00 Lecture by Dr. Joseph Choukroun

Lecture on Regenerative Oral Surgery using Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and vascularisation focused surgical procedures to do more predictable surgery with less pain and less risk of complications.

You will get an in-depth understanding of what it means to think and act as a biologist when planning and doing surgical procedures. You will learn how Platelet Rich Fibrin stimulate the healing cascade to your benefit and how PRF can be used as a scaffold alone or in combination with biomaterials, like allografts.

You will learn new techniques of how to handle tension and pressure to have more predictable outcomes when doing bone augmentation and soft tissue management. You will learn how your suturing can be improved in ways that allow faster healing.

All in all, you will get techniques, explanations, tricks and guides from this course that can be implemented in your daily work right after.

Tags: PRF, brushing technique, tension and pressure, vascularisation, apical mattress sutures, Platelet Rich Fibrin protocols

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9/9 Half Day lecture

9:00 – 12:00 Lecture by Dr. Joseph Choukroun

Foredrag om Future Perspectives in Regenerative Medicine.

Få ny viden om avancering af heling og smertebehandling med udgangspunkt i patientens egne celler og vækstfaktorer i selskab med den franske anæstesiolog og forsker Dr. Joseph Choukroun. Dr. Choukroun har, som pioneren bag Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), siden 2001 løbende udviklet PRF-protokoller og -teknikker, til at styrke vaskularisering og udnytte de antiinflammatoriske egenskaber fra patientens egen biologi, til at skabe bedre helingsresultater.

Resultaterne fra injektioner i led, siden 2014, tegner et billede af at kombinationen af hvide celler, vækstfaktorer og en andel mesenkymale stamceller, har en lovende effekt som smertebehandling af artrose og ved seneskader.Dr. Choukroun præsenterer rationalet bag i-PRF™ og de foreløbige videnskabelige og kliniske resultater fra området.

Perspektiverne i sårbehandling med PRF er yderst interessant set ud fra en samfundsmæssig, helingsmæssig og patientmæssig synsvinkel. Kombinationen af PRF-membraner og PRF-injektioner åbner nye muligheder for at genskabe vaskularisering og epitelisering ved vanskeligt helende sår og tænke sårbehandling i flere niveauer. Samtidig kræver PRF væsentligt færre interventioner end traditionel sårbehandling. Den smertestillende og anti-inflammatoriske effekt fra kaskaden af hvide celler styrker patientens livskvalitet.

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9/9 Pure Facial Aesthetics

9:00 – 16:00 Pure Facial Aesthetics by Dr. Cleopatra Nacopoulos

Learn new opportunities within rejuvenation of the facial area regenerating a younger appearance by stimulation using the patient’s own growth factors and stem cells.

The i-PRF ™ and Liquid A-PRF + ™ technique are groundbreaking and will set a path with less need of botox and filler – take a competitive step and learn how!

You will learn how to do pure facial aesthetics in different ways using dermapen, syringes and needles. We will teach you how to perform lip rejuvenation from the inside as well as from the outside.

The course will partly be theoretical and partly practical. There will be live demonstrations showing step by step how to do face, lips and neck region. The course is aimed at healthcare professionals who either want to include a pure perspective or want to engage in the new line of facial aesthetic business. .

See the full program here

Go to the Pure Facial Aesthetics landing page for more information about the course, techniques etc.

About Dr. Choukroun

Anesthesiologist and researcher – the pioneer of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and inventor of protocols like A-PRF™ and i-PRF™. He has since 2001 been focused on pain management and wound healing using the patients own healing capacity.

Today Dr. Choukroun is an international speaker in the dental community and author / co-author on several scientific papers.

About Dr. Nacopoulos

Dr. Cleopatra Nacopoulos BSc, DDS, MSc, PhD.

Has since 2003 performed Facial Aesthetics treatments using growth factors from blood concentrates (PRP) and using fillers, botox and PDO Threads. Has in the past couple of years made the shift to i-PRF™ in close relationship with Dr. Joseph Choukroun. Work today with i-PRF™ and Liquid A-PRF™ and PDO Thread with remarkable results.

Course venue:

Comwell Conference Center Copenhagen
Center Blvd. 5, (Bellacenter)
2300 København S (Situated 10 minutes by cab from Airport arrival)

Contact the hotel:

Call +45 88 77 66 55


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Program Vet Regenerative Oral Surgery 8/9:
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Program Pure Facial Aesthetics 9/9:
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Program Vet Regenerative Oral Surgery 8/9: get pdf

Program Future Perspectives in Regenerative Medicin 9/9: get pdf

Program Pure Facial Aesthetics 9/9: get pdf


If you have questions about the course, please:

Call:  +45 3131 1925


Background information

Below we share information and articles related to the course.

Miron et al. Use of platelet-rich fibrin in regenerative dentistry: a systematic review

K. El Bagdadi et al. Reduction of relative centrifugal forces increases growth factor release within solid platelet-rich-fibrin (PRF)-based matrices: a proof of concept of LSCC (low speed centrifugation concept)

Wang et al. Effects of an injectable platelet-rich fibrin on osteoblast behavior and bone tissue formation in comparison to platelet-rich plasma

Miron et al. Injectable platelet rich fibrin (i-PRF): opportunities in regenerative dentistry?